Travel with the info, without the worries.

Everyone here at NokScoot wants you to have as safe and fuss-free a time with us as possible. So please take a look the information below, which should provide you with all the details you’ll need to know before you fly.

Visa Requirements 

Whenever you travel with NokScoot, you'll be responsible for ensuring you meet the visa requirements of the country(ies) you’re travelling to, and we strongly recommend that you seek guidance from the relevant consulates or embassies.

Guests who require Special Assistance 

Here are more details on specific requirements for our dear guests who need some help. For more specific details on whether or not the precautions below apply to you, you can refer to our FAQs on 'Special Needs & Assistance'.  

Guest with Disabilities

All guests must be able to either travel independently or have an accompanying passenger to assist, as Nokscoot does not have the systems, staff or facilities to assume responsibility for such assistance or supervision.

If you have a mobility issue that may affect your ability to board or leave the aircraft without assistance, or are hearing or vision-impaired, you must notify NokScoot through our Call Centre, preferably at the time of your booking (regardless whether the booking was made online or through the Call Centre), or at least three (03) days before your flight departure date, whichever is earlier. In the case of movement and vision-impaired guests we will waive the Call Centre booking fee.

Failure to notify us of your requirements within the specified timeframe may result in the service being unavailable at the airport and you being denied carriage.

If you require assistance to and from the aircraft even though you have your own wheelchair, we will be able to assist in most cases. Please note that there may be a charge for this service.

The following charges per flight will apply for wheelchair assistance requests for Nokscoot flights only from 10 September 2015

Airport Wheel Chair Assistant Service
 DMK  Donmueang International Airport, Thailand No charge
TSN Tianjin Binhai International Airport 260 CNY
DLC Dalian International Airport
NKG Nanjing International Airport, China
SHE Shenyang Taoxian Internaitonal Airport
TAO Qingdao Liuting International Airport
TPE Toayuan International Airport, Taiwan 1,200 TWD
NRT Narita International Airport, Japan 8,400 JPY
KIX Kansai International Airport, Japan 8,400 JPY

Service Dogs

If you wish to bring a Service or Hearing Assistance dog on board, please let us know when you book, or at least three (03) days before your flight departure, whichever is earlier, through our Call Centre. We can carry a maximum of two (02) assistance animals on board each aircraft.

Guests with Health Issues

You must either be well enough to travel independently, or have an accompanying passenger to help you.

Supplementary Oxygen

We accept pre-approved portable oxygen concentrators (POC) that will fit into the limited space beneath your seat. Please refer to our FAQs or contact our call centre to check if your device can be used on your flights.

Pregnant Guests

If your pregnancy is going well without complications, you have to complete all of your travel by the 35th week of your pregnancy. If you have a known multiple pregnancy, you have to complete all of your travel by the 32nd week of your pregnancy. In all cases, you’ll need a medical certificate confirming your fitness for travel.

Infants & Unaccompanied Minors


We don’t allow infants younger than 8 days of age to travel with us; and all infants aged between 9 days up to 2 years needs to travel with an adult. Unless a seat is purchased for the infant, the infant must be held on the accompanying adult’s lap for the duration of the flight, for which infant seat belts are available. Please note that NokScoot does not currently allow, nor provide, bassinets or infant car seats aboard flights. 

Similarly, we do not allow unaccompanied Minors (children aged 3 to 11 years, inclusive, travelling without a supervising adult) to travel. Children aged between 12 - 15 years (inclusive) may travel unaccompanied, with parent's letter of indemnity. Children aged 16 years or over may travel unaccompanied, and they’re classified as an adult.

Extra Cuddly Guests (Guest of Size)

If you are a guest of size and don’t feel comfortable in a single seat, you’ll need to book two seats for yourself. You must also allocate your two seats together (the standard seat allocation fees will be charged).

Groups (More than 10 passengers)

If you’re travelling in a group of more than 10 passengers, you may be eligible for special rates! 

Special Items

The following items are not permitted in our cabins.  You may check them in with your checked baggage at no extra charge (they will not be part of your baggage allowance)
•    Stroller
•    Walker
•    Car Seat
•    Bassinet
•    Stretcher


As wonderful as pets can be, we don’t accept them for travel.

Dangerous Goods

It’s an offence to travel with Dangerous Goods, and if you are carrying any of these items, you must surrender them before you check-in. Here is a list of items that are classified as Dangerous Goods by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). 

•    Explosives
•    Gases
•    Flammable Liquids
•    Flammable solids; substances liable to spontaneous combustion; substances when in contact with water,emits flammable          gas

•    Oxidising substances and organic peroxides
•    Toxic and infectious substances
•    Radioactive materials
•    Corrosive substances
•    Miscellaneous dangerous goods

Click here for further information on what dangerous goods and prohibited items can be carried.

Dangerous goods must not be carried in checked baggage, carry-on baggage and on one’s person on all NokScoot flights, for further information click here

Check-in Counter

Thailand : Don Mueang International Airport , Counter 6,7 , Terminal 1

Taiwan, Taipei : Taiwan Taoyaun International Airport , Counter 11-16 , Terminal 1

China, Chongqing : Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, Terminal 1

China, Dalian : Dalian International Airport, Terminal 2

China, Nanjing : Nanjing Lukou International Airport, Counter A1-6 , Terminal 2

China, Shenyang : Shenyang Taoxian Internaitonal Airport, Terminal 3

China, Qingdao : Qingdao Liuting International Airport, Counter E20-25, Terminal 2

China, Tianjin : Tianjin Binhai International Airport, Counter A7-11, Terminal 1

Singapore : Singapore Changi Airport,Terminal 2, Counter 7, Terminal 2

Japan, Tokyo : Narita International Airport,Counter D, Terminal 2

Japan, Osaka : Kansai International Airport,Counter H, Terminal 1







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