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Flight Pass Option(FPo)

Learn about Flight Pass

NokScoot, in collaboration with Optiontown, presents Flight Pass Option that allows you to conveniently pre-purchase flights at a LOW PRICE and book flights later when you want to travel. The more credits you buy, the cheaper it gets. No matter where or how often you fly, the Flight Pass allows you to minimize your total flying costs by locking-in your low fare and avoiding future fare increases. With our easy installment plan, you may pay only 20% upfront and rest later when you travel. You can include all your favorite destinations in your single Flight Pass and share it with your family, friends or colleagues. Flight Pass will also save your time and energy in searching fares and booking.You can buy Flight Pass for all NokScoot routes worldwide for both Fly and ScootPlus classes. Some travel date restrictions (or blackout dates) may apply depending on the Flight Pass booked. When booking, all such travel date restrictions and terms of booking are clearly displayed to you. Book any flight that is available for purchase till the last unsold seat, irrespective of available fare class, subject to your advance booking limit, travel date restrictions and flight pass terms. A Flight (or 1 flight credit) refers to a single one-way flight for one passenger. Two flights are needed for one passenger to fly a round-trip between two selected destinations. With Flight Pass, you can fly more, pay up to 50% less, save time & effort in trip planning and booking, and enhance your travel convenience. It’s a completely different experience altogether


Flight Pass Benefits

  • Fly More, Pay Less (up to 50% off)
  • All Destinations available
  • Both Fly and ScootPlus classes are eligible
  • Personalized for you
  • Flexibility to buy between 4 and 500 flights in one Flight Pass
  • Book last available seat
  • Pay only 20% and rest later
  • Pool and Share
  • Most convenient way to book and fly
  • More vacations, more family trips, more savings
  • Most cost-efficient way for business travel


Visit nokscoot.optiontown.com and select Flight Pass tab.