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Payment Restrictions

To increase travel opportunities and convenience to pay for tickets. NokScoot allows you to use your credit card to pay for other travelers, whether you are traveling or not. Just follow the simple steps.
The procedure of credit card verification is as follows:
1.Passengers who paid for, travel for themselves and travel companions (passengers in the same booking) with their own credit card, can process the verification at the airport check-in counter by presenting the credit card that was originally used for the corresponding purchase. (If the name on the credit card is different from the name in the booking record, the credit card verification should be processed according to number 2.)
2.If the credit card holder is not part of the travel companions, the credit card holder must process the verification as follows:
2.1 The credit card holder must sign a “Credit Card Verification Form” and provide all necessary documents in advance (please see 2.2, Required Documents) The Credit card holder can download this credit card verification form through NokScoot website.
Download Credit Card Verification Form
2.2 Required Documents
The following documents must be prepared for credit card verification:
2.2.1 A copy of the credit card used for the corresponding purchase with the signature of the credit card holder.
2.2.2 A copy of the photo identification card or passport of credit card holder with signature.
2.2.3 The completion of Credit Card Verification Form with the signature of credit card holder.
NokScoot reserves the right to refuse a passenger to travel if passenger failure to comply with the process and applicable rules as mentioned at the check-in counters.
And if the passenger is unable to show the credit card used to pay or show the full details of the credit card authorization form, Passengers may be required to pay for tickets by either another credit card or by cash.

  • Such as risk information for fraudulent case, NokScoot reserves the right to cancel or suspend a ticket without prior notice.
  • In case the passenger refuses to cooperate to show the credit card or credit card verification form.
  • In case payment have been done with a fraud credit card, such as credit cards that have been reported stolen.

Your credit card information is strictly confidential, and it will be destroyed as soon as the payment process is complete.