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Bangkok, the city of fun!

Bangkok is the destination travellers thought they know it well enough. Trust us! There are a lot of things you never know or try in this city, way of life, arts, culture, historic story or even foods. Bangkok can serve various type of lifestyle. Whatever your favourite activities are, seeing, chillaxing or shopping, you can do it all here. Transporting system has also been being developed to make your travel more convenient. For several times Bangkok has been named amongst ‘World’s Top Tourist Destinations’. How lovely this city is will be just an assumption if you never come to prove it yourself.

Information to know


According to the Interior Ministerial Announcements, passport holders from 28 countries and territories may apply for visas at the immigration checkpoints for the purpose of tourism for the period of not exceeding 15 days. Click here For more information, 


The currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht. Baht come in both coin and banknote form. Currency exchange could be made at the banks or currency exchange booths at tourist destinations and shopping malls.


Thailand’s seasons are divided into three seasons, summer, rainy and winter, but it is generally hot and muggy all year long. During day time, sunlight is quite strong. Sunscreen and umbrella will make you feel more comfortable throughout the trip.


Electrical outlets in Thailand are charged to 220v at 50 cycles per second, which is compatible with appliances from Singapore, Japan and China, but not those from the US. Outlets in Thailand generally feature flat, two pronged plugs, but some feature holes for round plug ends. It is necessary to prepare a two to three prong adapters when travelling to Thailand.


Travel is convenient for visitors as there are many ways tourists could choose such as BTS sky train, MRT underground and public bus, which cover major part and important places of Bangkok. Tuk tuk is popular amongst tourists, while taxi is also readily available.

Heritage and culture

Diversity of arts and culture is one of outstanding characters of Bangkok. Travelling, trading and immigration had gradually led to harmonic blend of colourful culture of the present.

Let’s wander around the Island

The must-visit part of Bangkok is Rattanakosin Island. The first place that we are proud to introduce to you is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, its full official name is Wat Phra Si Rattana Satsadaram, where tourists can worship the Emerald Buddha, appreciate amazing decoration and delicacy of Thai style paining regarding Buddha’s biography on the wall of monastery. Travellers can also learn Thai history by visiting the castle and museum being located in the same area of the temple. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha has also been voted by foreign tourists as ‘The Most Liked Tourist Attraction’ in Thailand.
Nearby in a walking distance, Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawihan, well known as Wat Pho, is situated. After worshiping the Reclining Buddha, you can try Thai massage the temple is renowned for, so that you really make a visit to this place.
When looking across Chao Phraya River, you will see another important landmark of Bangkok, Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan Temple or Wat Arun. Its colourful stupa was decorated by vivid chinaware the Chinese used for weighting their vessels. The Thailand’s highest stupa, built in Kahmer style, is surrounded by another four stupas in four directions symbolising Mount Meru and visualizing different levels of heaven. The fascinating scenery of the temple at night always attracts both foreigners and local travellers to spend time taking its pictures.
After wandering further to Ratchadamnoen Road, you will see the golden pagoda of Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan or Golden Mount, only artificial 100metre-height hill built by men in Bangkok. The highlight of visiting Golden Mount is climbing 320 stairs to pay homage to the Buddha relics which had been enshrined in the pagoda on the top of the Golden Mount for more than 100 years. It is worthwhile to visit. The panoramic views of the Rattanakosin Island awaits you on the top of the mount. The Golden Mount is not only one of Thailand’s important tourist attractions, but its reputation is worldwide.

Bangkok’s Life and Style

Apart from well-liked activities like shopping and visiting temples, there are a lot more places and activities await you here.

Candide Books & Cafe

Reading favourite book under the shade of big trees in the pleasant atmosphere with coffee smell sounds like a heaven, doesn’t it? Book lovers and cool-place seekers might know that we are talking about Candide Books & Cafe, which is a part of The Jam Factory around Klongsan area. The building is an old warehouse for rental that was transformed into modern cafe by long-time customer Duangrit Bunnag, well-known architect of Thailand. Here is not an ordinary bookstore. When entering into the cafe, all you will see are rare books, Thai literature and translated literature, which are shelved and placed nicely. Some you may have seen at the cafe for the first time. The café also includes area for art exhibition and coffee corners. This bookstore has become the place for getting together and sharing thoughts for book lovers. Some may stop by for just taking pictures of a unique scenery of the shop, chillaxing with an atmosphere and finally take home some good books.

Roots Coffee Roaster

Roots Coffee Roaster is the small coffeehouse with big quality. Actually, the shop is both the coffee roaster and the kitchen of popular restaurants. Here you can see every step of brewing coffee and baking pastries closely from the big windows of the kitchen. Originally, the shop owner intended to open this place for only roasting coffee. As a result, menu is quite limited, mostly is espresso with option of adding water or milk and hot or cold. The main focus is on selection of different premium coffee beans with strong and nice taste that customers can choose and taste every week. At Roots Coffee Roaster, you can enjoy pastries as much as you want. Another uniqueness of this coffee shop is that customers can pay for coffee and pastry following the level of their satisfaction. They can pay higher or even lower than suggested price showing at the exit door. Workshop for tasting coffee and basics knowledge is also arranged weekly.

Cafe Velodome

The phrase “We want you to fall in love with bicycle” is the beginning of this cycling lover society around Tha Prachan campus of Thammasat University. Cafe Velodome, at the gate near the Royal Plaza, is built up from the passion of cycling lovers. All cyclists and non-cyclists are welcome to share cycling experience, take a sip of coffee and take a bike trip around Rattanakorin Island. Bike lovers are also invited for free bike ride trip on every weekend.

Night life

Bangkok at night is bright and charming no lesser than other popular cities. The later the night is, the more fun the nightlife lovers can enjoy. Countless nice places for hanging out are here for your selection. A small and cosy places for having fun with friends, hip decorated places with romantic atmosphere, view of Bangkok’s lights from the top of skyscraper are all you can find in Bangkok.

The Deck by the River

Strolling along Tok road around the area of pier that has become the hidden places of several chillaxing places, which are surrounded by old way of life, important temples and peace. The Deck by the River, located on the first floor of Arun Residence Hotel at the end of Soi Pratu Nokyoong on Maharach road, is one of nice restaurants with relaxing feel around this area. Both international and Thai menus are all you can enjoy here. The highlight attracting both local and foreign visitors are savouring delicious food and witnessing the magnificent view of Wat Arun’s stupa which is in the opposite side of the Chao Phraya River.

Longest Table Restaurant in Bangkok

Long Table is the hip restaurant on the 25th floor of Column Tower around Asoke. Transportation in this area is very convenient. The distinction of this restaurant is not only the 25metre-length table, but also the delectable authentic Thai food. If you are a big fan of Thai food, this place will not let you down. Even though, the restaurant is not located on the rooftop of the building, the sunset you can see from there is still much specular. If you come later than that, you can still enjoy the view of shiny concrete forest, which is also romantic.

Family Fun Time

If you want to spend time with family, Bangkok is a good choice for you. Fun activities, natural tourist attractions and learning centre are all you can choose for your happy time in Bangkok.

Museum Siam

Museum Siam is a museum for learning, focusing on delivering fresh and new experience of visiting museum to guests, especially youth and children. The museum is established with the purpose of creating the appreciation of learning ones selves, neighbourhood, and the world under the concept of ‘play+learn= enjoyable’. Apart from interesting exhibitions which are regularly held in alternate themes, activities for telling historic story to visitors in fun way are also organised. The museum is divided into different zones with things and stuff being placed and positioned to let visitors touch and experience for a clearer imaginations of the story the museum wishes to communicate with guests. Both adults and children can have a good time here.

Asiatique the Riverfront

From important pier for international trade in the past, these warehouse had been renovated and reconstructed some area to bring the place into live with an old style and feel of architecture in King Rama 5 reign. This resulted in the biggest lifestyle place of Asia along Chao Phraya River. Asiatique the River Front, latest landmark of Bangkok, is suitable for spending time with family. Visitors can walk along different zones of shopping, dining and clubbing in the atmosphere of 100 year-old sawmill. Puppet show theatre and cabaret show are also available.

Siam Ocean World

Around Siam Square, Siam Ocean World, the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, is the place you can take a nice break from shopping. The aquarium is located on B1 and B2 floor of Siam Paragon shopping mall. Siam Ocean World has scaled down under water world into giant aquarium that is equivalent to two football pitches combined. Technology in presentation is perfectly applied to make the display more interesting. Here you can see and learn life of various number of aquatic animals closely. Apart from witnessing the amazement of those animals in all seven zones of displays including the zone of acrylic tunnels under ocean with 270degree panoramic view, coral reef exhibition and the zone of rain forest display, lovely shows are also arranged for guests.

Shop till you drop

Chatuchak Weekend Market

This is the heaven for people who love shopping and bargaining. On every Wednesday and Thursday, this place will be opened for tree market, while weekend market will open on weekend. Chatuchak is the biggest weekend market in Thailand gathering more than 8,000 shops from all part of the country. The market is divided into 26 zones including the zones for antique, books and magazine, fashion, food, furniture, handicrafts, jewelry, painting, pets, tree and miscellany. You can find everything you want here. Chatuchak is all time top favourite places for both local and foreign travellers.

Siam Square

Siam Square has always been a favourite place for Thai teenagers. It is the centre of modern, community for trend setters and shopping place. More than thousands of clothe patterns from expensive brand name to good quality products with reasonable price you can choose. There are also restaurants, theatres, bookstore, and jewelry shops until electric appliances.  

Delicious Bangkok


Yaowaraj is Bangkok’s China Town in the district of Sampanthawong, business area which covers Yaowaraj and Charoenkrung road. The roads and lanes in this area are filled with shops and vendors. Yaowaraj is also the business centre of Chinese people who migrated from their homeland. From 5pm onwards on every day, most of all restaurants in Yaowaraj will be back into life. Seafood, Chinese foods, desserts and fruits, you can find all of them here. This never-sleeping road is always crowded with Thais and foreigners. Whenever you want to fill up your stomach with yummy stuff, you can do it here.  

Wisdom Cuisine

Wisdom Cuisine is an authentic Thai restaurant that is established with an aim of expressing Thai wisdom through international standard dishes. The Wisdom Cuisine is also the first restaurant in Thailand that is guaranteed by Michelin Stars. The restaurant is built and decorated delicately as Thai house. The area outside was transformed into the plot of backyard garden for learning. Here both authentic Thai food and international dishes are served. The garment change of the Emerald Buddha is the mark of new seasons for the Wisdom Cuisine to change its menu with the concept of selecting the best ingredients in each season for the best taste.