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About us

It’s a big bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s both

Launched in 2014, NokScoot is the joint venture between Singaporean budget airline Scoot and Thai airline Nok Air.

NokScoot isn’t just like any other run-of-the-mill low-cost carriers – we don’t just provide low travel fares, we also provide an enjoyable flying experience. So our passengers never have to compromise on their experience when they are travelling with us.

NokScoot puts the fun back into budget travel and NokScoot gets our passengers to wherever they want to, in the way that they want to. And because they get to choose and customise their own travel experience, our passengers don’t just fly. They fly awesome.

Fly with “Scootitude”

Scootitude is the essence of our entire brand, as well as the foundation of what our airline is built upon. Scootitude is a personality and an attitude. It’s about embracing all things quirky, and delivering our messages in a fun, friendly and tongue-in-cheek way. And while we consistently deliver a refreshing travel experience, we never take ourselves too seriously. And this is what make us different from the rest of the budget airlines.